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The Holidays have certainly been celebrated in our Community and we have all enjoyed the beautiful lights, wreaths and decorations on the patios. 

Now that the holidays are over, please remove any decorations and lights in a timely fashion.


Please do not place Christmas trees in the dumpsters.  Dispose of Christmas trees at a drop-off site provided by the City.  If this is not possible, please contact Robert Stein at City Property to make arrangements to have your Christmas tree picked up.  Waste Management will pick up and dispose of Christmas trees at a 

cost of $20 per tree. 

Robert Stein, Property Manager

 (602) 437-4777, ext. 2114




The Board has been busy with a number of projects on the property, and have been somewhat lenient regarding enforcing CC&R rules for patio appearance and upkeep. However, the Board has been receiving complaints from residents and will now be increasing vigilance on the condition of the patios. This means that more violations will be cited. Avoiding violations is in the best interest of both the resident and the HOA. It is costly to the HOA to issue citations,and it is unpleasant to receive a citation. Items that will incur a citation include:  

  • Storage of household items on porches or patios, including mops, buckets, recycle or trash containers, ice chests, indoor furniture, boxes, construction materials, etc.
  • Bicycles. Bikes can be stored in the Bike Room by the Central Park, Bldg 9.
  • Children's' toys, strollers, play sets, sports equipment, etc.
  • Trash of any kind, including cigarette butts. Citations will be issued for cigarette butts under bushes, along side the stairwells, and outside the patios, as well.
  • Broken furniture, screens doors off the rails, torn screens (both doors and windows), broken or cracked windows, disrepair of storage doors or patio floors.
  • Clothes drying of any kind, including over rails or on a clothes rack.
  • Any type of grill or propane tanks.

Please be diligent to keep your patios and porches clean and neat, in good repair, use only furniture and decor designed specifically for a patio and citations will be few. Your diligence in this is much appreciated!  




There are four dumpsters on the property where trash may be disposed. Waste Management empties the dumpsters four times a week. However, if there is trash placed outside the dumpster, they WILL NOT pick it up. Also, if the trash is placed in front of the dumpster, the dumpster WILL NOT BE EMPTIED.
Properly disposing of trash is respectful of your neighbors and helps to prevent rodent and insect infestation. The following are a few guidelines for trash disposal:

  • ALL trash goes INSIDE the dumpster.
  • Keep the LIDS CLOSED.
  • All trash bags should be TIED before placing them in the dumpster.
  • All boxes should be BROKEN DOWN AND FLATTENED so there is room for others to use the dumpsters.
  • If your child is too short to lift the lid on the dumpster and place the trash inside, then that chore  BELONGS TO THE PARENT.

Following these few simple rules will go a long way to keeping our community clean, rodent 

and insect free and a pleasant place to live.




Community Action Officer  

Officer Mario Lozoya

is our Community Action Officer.   

If you feel there is someone on the property who does not belong, are a victim of vandalism, or you witness illegal activity, please call the Phoenix Police directly. The HOA Board Members or City Property cannot make the call for you. When the Phoenix Police Department receives calls from our community, the more likely police patrol will be increased in our area.

Phoenix Police Non-Emergency Number: 


Officer Lozoya's email:

Of course, keep in mind that if someone is in danger, a crime is in progress, or if there is a fire or medical emergency, call 911.



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As always, in a community setting there are certain rules and responsibilities to be observed by all.   These rules and expectations are not arbitrary.   They are based on City regulations, our CC&Rs,  and concern for the the health, safety and general happiness of everyone who lives here.   

 CC&Rs are essentially the rules we all agree to abide by while living at Solaris. 

ALL residents of the community are responsible to know and abide by these rules! 

 Solaris is a great place to live and we want to make sure it is a safe and happy experience for all!    

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